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MIA Nation is LAUNCHING!!!

Jaclyn Oliver

Posted on May 31 2017

After 8 short years of just my husband, son and I, we finally had the arrival of our baby girl.

After shopping for a boy for the last 8 years with not much choice in clothing, you have no idea how excited I was to shop for those cute pink tutu’s and princess outfits.

Undertaking numerous shopping trips to malls I was unable to find those perfect outfits I was looking for, so I started looking elsewhere. After a lot of research, trialling and sampling I found the most beautiful, unique and affordable outfits for my Princess.

This then became an addiction and I couldn’t stop buying, I loved outfit planning. Choosing the perfect shoes, socks and headbands to match her cute little outfit. And with my struggles trying to find the perfect clothes for my little man I couldn’t help but find the trendiest outfits for little boys too.

I really wanted to share my newfound knowledge with the World, and have everything in the one location, hence the introduction of MIA Nation!

Please come and check out my online store for the latest and greatest fashion statement pieces for your little Prince and Princess as online shopping equals no pants, no makeup, no problem.

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